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Yes! I create covers.

As the former art director and owner of an award-winning marketing company, I helped clients create advertisements and marketing materials. Now, I help other authors with covers! I work with authors from the strategic author/brand planning to the final product.


Cover Art By Christina

Each eBook cover includes images sourced from DepositPhotos. If the author wishes to use artwork sourced from another stock photography site, they will need to purchase and provide the images to me. These images can range anywhere from $25-$40 depending on the source. I also have an artist who can provide custom cartoon style art for clients. This is an additional fee of approximately $100 per cover. 

There are also an abundance of semi-custom photographers who provide images for romance novels. I’m happy to help coordinate this. The cost of these images runs between $100/image to $1000 depending on the photographer and the model(s).

Romance Novel Cover Design 

My foray into cover artwork was a happy accident. I hadn’t planned on designing my own covers or the covers of others. But when I sent a suggested mock-up of The Honeymoon Trap to the publisher, they elected to use my graphics. After that, when author friends would struggle with their cover art, I’d offer assistance as a cover doctor. 

Currently, I accept a very select number of covers to complete each month (because writing has to stay the priority).

Please note, I currently only do cover art for romance novels. My specialty is chick lit and romantic comedy, but I am able to do all romance sub-genres. 

If you’re interested in working with me, shoot me a note at christy@christinahovland.com and let’s see if we can make some cover magic happen!  Or you can fill out the form below and I’ll contact you. 

Christina Hovland

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Testimonials What Authors Are Saying

Working on my covers with Christina was fun, painless and fast. She has a fantastic grasp of what works and a pulse on what’s trending in romance right now. Her professionalism, ability to read my mind, and follow through, make her my go-to cover designer.

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