Customize Your Book(s) + Extra Bonus!


Let’s get personal! Each week I snag a cup of coffee, steal my husband’s Mont Blanc pen from his desk drawer, and I sit down at the kitchen table to sign a bunch of copies for readers. Of course, all books are autographed by moi, but if you would like yours made out to you, I’ll be happy to sign your book separately! (I’ll still use the kickass Mont Blanc pen.)

Add a name for customization and any specific requests (birthday gift, anniversary gift, etc.) in the required text box on the next page. (Or tell me to get creative and I’ll come up with something fabulously fun on my own.)

And, as a special bonus, I’ll include the fabulous four postcards I had created for the series!  See, I have an infatuation with post cards. I love them. I love receiving them and I adore sending them. So I created a 4×6 inch postcard for each of my books in the Mile High Matched Series.

Frame them, send them, enjoy them how you’d like!

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Postcard Bundle

Only 1,000 copies of each postcard have been printed and each is numbered individually and packaged in a special plastic sleeve so they will not be damaged in transport. Get yours before supplies run out! (And for bonus Christy points–which mean absolutely nothing but are kind of fun–send me a photo of what you do with yours!)


One of the fun ideas a reader had for her postcards! (Frames not included in the purchase, just super awesome postcards.)